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Our digital super choice form is compliant with the ATO's standard choice form requirements

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We support choice. All super funds are available for selection.


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We generate the superannuation standard choice form, which is accepted by all employers.

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Super Funds

We support choice, these are just some of the 105 super funds available to choose.
Industry Super Funds

Industry super funds have a historic link to the industries they represent, but are generally open to employees from all employers. Industry super funds are run only to benefit members.

Australian Super
Hostplus Super
Rest Super
Ethical Super Funds

Ethical super funds invest your super according to an ethical investment mandate, such as environmental sustainability, renewable energy or prohibitions around investment in weapons, alcohol, gambling and other criteria.

Future Super
Australian Ethical Super
Aware Super
Cruelty Free Super
New Super Funds

New funds with new ideas regularly join the superannuation industry. Find out how they expand the options avaiable to Australian employees.

Spaceship Super
Australian Retirement Trust
Verve Super
Virgin Money Super


The Super Choice pre-fill service is free for consumers and employers. We charge large businesses that wish to generate Super Choice forms in bulk (100s - 1000s of forms) via our developer API. We also make money from advertising, which you may see on some pages of the website (and our blog).

The purpose of the Super Choice form is to ensure your employer pays your superannuation into the super fund of your choice. If you do not fill out a Super Choice Form and provide it to your employer they will pay your superannuation into the employer's default fund.

You do not need to provide your Tax File Number on your Super Choice Form. But be aware, if you do not provide it your superannuation contributions may be taxed at a higher rate. You can provide your tax file number at a later date directly to your employer or super fund.

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