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Super Choice Form

Why is this service free?

The Super Choice Pre-fill service is free for consumers & employers. We do charge large businesses that wish to generate Super Choice forms in bulk (100s - 1000s of forms) via our developer API. We also make money from advertising, which you may see on some pages of the website (and our blog).


What is the purpose of the Super Choice Form?

The purpose of the Super Choice form is to ensure your employer pays your superannuation into the super fund of your choice. If you do not fill out a Super Choice Form and provide it to your employer they will pay your superannuation into the employers default fund.


What do I do with my Super Choice Form?

Give your completed Super Choice Form to your employer, they will then pay your superannuation into your chosen super fund.


Why is my Tax File Number not required?

You do not need to provide your Tax File Number on your Super Choice Form. But be aware, if you do not provide it your superannuation contributions may be taxed at a higher rate. You can provide your tax file number at a later date directly to your employer or superfund.